Parish of Magh Ene - Bundoran & Ballyshannon

  Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea Bundoran

~ "Magh Ene" means The Plain of Hospitality ~

St Joseph's Church Ballyshannon 

Blessing of New St Ninnidh Stained Glass Window

in the Rosary Chapel in Our Lady Star of the Sea Church


On Saturday October 15th. 2011 Most Rev. Liam MacDaid, Bishop of Clogher returned to his native parish to celebrate Mass in memory of his deceased parents and while in the Parish took the opportunity to unveil and bless a new stained glass window in the Rosary Chapel of the Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, Bundoran.  The window was designed by Fermanagh artist Jo Tinney, placed in itís glass setting by Alpha Glass of Derry and honours the memory of the Meehan family of the Main Street and West End, Bundoran. The window portrays St. Ninnidh who in the sixth century preached the Faith from the Islands of Inishmacsaint and Devenish along the river Erne until finally reaching the present day Parish of Magh Ene (Bundoran and the Rock, Ballyshannon). 

On the window St. Ninnidh is seen leaving Inishmacsaint, travelling along the river Erne among the people, animals and flora and fauna of the time until he reaches Magh Ene where the local townlands are etched into the hills.  The window has much to say about the history of local faith and will be especially interesting to children who will enjoy the many different stories which unfold there.  A second window, in honour of Our Lady, is presently being prepared by Jo Tinney and we hope to have it installed during the month of May 2012.

Bishop Liam MacDaid blesses the window

New Stained Glass Window designed by Artist Jo Tinney Enniskillen and made by Alpha Stained Glass in Derry


Very Rev. Canon Ramon Munster P.P. Teresa Coyle and Terry Morgan (Alpha Glass, Derry),

Bishop Liam MacDaid.


Very Rev. Canon Ramon Munster P.P., Con and Jo Tinney, Bishop Liam MacDaid.



Very Rev. Ramon Munster P.P. Bishop Liam MacDaid,

 Maureen and Cormac Meehan


Very Rev. Canon Ramon Munster P.P., Teresa Coyle, Terry Morgan, Bishop Liam MacDaid, Maureen and Cormac Meehan, Kieran Mullarkey (Church Architect), Jo and Con Tinney.

St. Ninnidh was a sixth century Priest who lived on the Island of Inishmacsaint

After St. Patrickís time, the Celtic Church was divided into many territories and ruled by Abbots of Monasteries, only some of whom were Bishops. St. Ninnidh built a monastery on Inishmacsaint Isle (near Devenish) circa 530A.D. and using the waterways of the time cared for the Faith of the people from the Erne as far as the sea, sending his Priests and Monks to the local Churches. This would have included Donach Mor of Magh Ene, reputedly founded by St. Patrick.  From that time comes the description of the area as the Parish of Inishmacsaint, later to be renamed Magh Ene.

Our stained glass window depicts St. Ninnidh leaving the islands of Inishmacsaint and Devenish. The round tower, a symbol of faith and learning, still exists there. He made his way down the Erne river, the most common and safest way to travel at that time.  He preached the Gospel to the people who lived on both sides of the river and finally made his way to where the Erne meets the sea, in the Parish of Magh Ene where the areas of Ballyshannon and Bundoran unite.

Our stained glass shows the people, the animals and the flora and fauna of the sixth century, among whom St. Ninnidh moved with courage and conviction.  As St. Ninnidh moves in the direction of Magh Ene, he passes by what many consider to be the pagan faces and stones of Boa Island. He travels in the direction of the rising sun, traditionally the symbol of the Resurrection and arrives in the townlands of Magh Ene, the names of which are inscribed on the surrounding hills.

We appreciate the support of Cormac and Maureen Meehan in the provision of this window.  We congratulate itís designer Jo Tinney of Irvinestown and Enniskillen, whose expertise and talent are very evident in itís design.  We applaud the craftsmanship of those at Alpha Glass in Derry who placed the design so well in itís stained glass setting.

We hope that all who come to view this window will appreciate the history of our local Faith and play their part in maintaining what St. Ninnidh was inspired to share.


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